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Despite the fact that Spain is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, it is also a comfortable place to live in. The coastline of the Mediterranean Sea attracts tourists with golden beaches, calm weather, and good services. The investors mostly put their attention on the business opportunities of Madrid and Barcelona.

The demand for real estate is unequally distributed over Spain: while in some regions still live only the inhabitants, in other places you could notice a real cultural mix. The tendency is simple: foreign clients are mostly interested in the resort-housing area. Thus, it is obvious that the majority of purchasing transactions are made in Southeast of Pyrenean peninsula, Balearic, and the Canary Islands.  

«The Idealista» published a survey that checked 5 types of clients which are thinking about buying properties for sale in Spain. More frequently, the housing-seekers are just-married couples with children and single persons between 25-35 years old, willing to become independent and leave their parents’ house. Then, the buyers of secondary housing, willing to live on the Mediterranean or in the mountains. Finally, the professional investors, which are interested in elite and business property for sale in Spain.

The Main Benefits of Housing in Spain

The profit of finding houses for sale in Spain, is becoming increasingly popular between local and foreign investors. This is not surprising, because the income from this activity has been growing for several years. This applies to different types of real estate. If we are talking about commercial space, then the average profitability is 9.3%. This means that the owners earn on rent 9.3% of the total value per year. Profitability of residential buildings and apartments – 7.4%.

According to forecasts, life expectancy in Spain would continue to be at the highest level in Europe. Such regions as Madrid, Castilla, and Leon, Rioja, and Navarre are among the most long-lived regions of Europe with an expected age of 84 years.

There are still several underestimated regions in Spain, which are quickly developing last years. Costa Blanca is known for its affordable prices, which attract both local buyers and investors from all over the world. In addition, now the coast is being actively built, new apartments here can be bought much cheaper than in Catalonia or Andalusia. Affordable prices, warm sea and a developed service sector in different languages are the main arguments when choosing the Costa Blanca. Costa Calida – a region with a uniquely rich history and ancient Roman sights in Cartagena offers excellent infrastructure and services. Meanwhile, local property prices are among the most affordable.

Among the most popular provinces between foreign buyers considered Alicante. 48,7% of real estate belongs to foreigners. The second and the third places are fairly distributed by Balearic and Canary Islands. According to the forecasts, in 2018 and 2019 Spanish property will add in price about 4.7% annually.

If you are wondering about easy life in a country with convenient climate zone, good social services, and cultural heritage than take a look onto Spanish housing. Answering the question „Should I think about buying property in Spain?” we will definitely say yes.

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