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How to Find Cheap Houses in Spain?

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The Internet is full of ads for the sale of cheap real estate in Spain. However, cheap apartments in Spain are not a myth, but a reality. After the construction boom of 2002–2008, the housing market in Spain was oversaturated with various objects and currently their prices remain one of the lowest in Europe. At present, cheap properties for sale in Spain is banking real estate and an old fund (apartments in old districts and houses aged 20 years and older). Sometimes you can find good deals on cheap new housing. Usually, these are apartments of a small area, without beautiful views from the windows, the lower floor or it can be the last unsold flat that was used as a demonstration one, etc.

For cheap houses for sale in Spain, you should apply directly to banks, the largest real estate websites and local agencies. Each Spanish bank or banking group has its own agencies and web pages selling arrested housing. The database of objects on these sites is regularly updated, the best deals are available for a very short time.

Where to Look for Property

Large real estate portals cover the whole country, several thousand new announcements are published daily on them, both from banks and from the owners themselves. Quite a few ads are published by agencies because they prefer to have their own sites and databases of objects. Web pages with the property are the most convenient platform for selecting and comparing objects with similar characteristics. They allow you quickly and easily analyze the current market situation, evaluate the offers in the area of ​​interest, calculate the average price per square meter of the same type of housing, etc.

Ads posted by individuals allow you to contact the host directly, bypassing intermediaries. Ads posted by agencies are usually labeled as “Profesional”, so you will be notified in advance that you will have to deal with an intermediary.

Another option is the services of local realtors. Participation in the transaction of the intermediary does not imply large price markups and hidden fees. This is a convenient option for those who do not have free time and do not want to be engaged in a long search for objects on the Internet, reviewing dozens of sites. In addition, many homeowners do not want to put ads in open access on different portals but prefer to work with agencies. Particularly gambling buyers can take part in public auctions that sell real estate.

With regard to regional differences in property prices in Spain, the cheapest houses and apartments can be found in the autonomous communities of Galicia, Murcia, Valencia, and the Canary Islands. The price per square meter in a house on the coast varies between 800 and 1,200 euros. Thus, it is possible to choose a house both on the Mediterranean Sea and on the Atlantic Ocean.

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