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If you’re considering buying a villa, you might have already realized that Spain is a great location due to its breathtaking sights and attractive prices. The next question is, how to choose the perfect place, something that would suit you in particular? Buying a property is a serious investment, so you must consider all aspects before making your choice. After all, it is a home that’s going to be in your possession for years.

How to Choose a Villa in Spain

There are several main things that you have to consider when deciding what kind of villa to buy.

  • Choosing a specific location and paying attention to weather peculiarities;
  • Determining the quality of the building you’d like to purchase;
  • Considering its overall worth as an investment.

Location and Weather

Spain is a beautiful country with places that differ drastically from one another. You have to base your decision on your personal preferences first and foremost.

Do you want to purchase a secluded house, with the minimum amount of people around you? There are plenty of mountain valleys from which you can choose. Are you a social person? You can choose a Spanish villa for sale that is situated right in the middle of a busy town. If you enjoy the heat and the sun, you can choose a house next to the beach. Fortunately, there are plenty of villas to buy in Spain.

Weather is also an important factor to consider when buying property. For example, Valencia is known for its excellent mild weather. The south from Costa Blanca is characterized by the dryer and hotter climate. At the Costa Verde, the climate is wet, so if this is what you prefer, you should look for a property there.  


There are different types of villas that you can pick depending on your preferences and financial capabilities. There are common ones, with a common wall that unites several buildings. It means that you’ll be closely connected to your neighbors.

Another type is the secluded villa. It stands independently and looks like a single family house. Then there are luxury and holiday ones with many additional modifications. If you want to live in the house at any time of the year, with perfect comfort, the first option is for you.


Based on all the aforementioned factors, you can determine the value of your building. The more advanced it is, the more favorable location you choose, the better investment it’s going to be. Housing in Spain is always in demand, so the more you spend now, the more you’ll get later in case you decide to sell it.

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