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Spanish coastline is a popular direction for travelers from different corners of the world. Lots of businesspersons make huge investments into the Spanish real estate sector for an obvious reason. In high season up to 90% of resort housing is rented, so having property by the sea in Spain makes a good profit from year to year. You can get your dwelling rented both daily and monthly for the whole season. What financial contributions does it require? What places have the best investment potential? Follow our research below.

Property for sale in Spain by the sea is bought both as a “vocational house” and as an investment. In 2017, foreigners made 16% of all deals of housing purchasing in Spain. Meanwhile, foreign investors are also motivated by the Spanish government itself, issuing “golden visas” to those who spend from € 500,000 to buy real estate. This document gives the right to live in the country and is popular with holidaymakers and European pensioners.

Important Data

On rent in Spain, you can earn from 3% to 7% of the cost of housing per year. Most often, this figure is at the level of five percent. If the market price of your house is 200,000 euros, you can earn about 10,000 euros per year.

Large detached houses in Spain are divided into villas, Finki and Masii, which is not at all the same. More compact are so-called chalets, which, along with townhouses, also have a number of distinctive features and differences that should be considered. The more objects you visit, the more food you will get for thinking and the space for a good choice.

Among Top-5 coastal places where you could find property for sale in Spain near beach, foreign buyers prefer the following:

  1.  Barcelona. One of the most expensive and favorable cities in Spain. The average price for the square meter – 4300 EUR.
  2.  Palma de Mallorca. Big resort city on the Balearic Islands. Square meter costs – 2800EUR.
  3.  Santa Cruise de Tenerife. Centre of Canary Islands. The estimated price for the meter – 1355 EUR.
  4.  San Hose. Famous resort on Ibiza Island. The cost of real estate – 3000 EUR per meter.
  5.  Malaga. Resort city in Andalusia region. The property would cost – 2200 EUR per meter.

Buying Spanish coastal property for sale is a responsible and exciting business. We hope that after buying a dwelling on the seashore your dream of having property in Spain would finally come true.

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